On seeing the Introduction for the first time, I was a little tempted to bypass this and move onto the Drawing 1, but I kept my excitement and impatience in check and started the course, which is advised but voluntary. I am very glad I did. It is a wealth of information and a real help and answered many of the questions that were buzzing around in my head. Having not studied for many years and being dyslexic I can’t deny that there were questions, like how to manage my time, how do I attempt to analyse and write within my log, what will my weak spots be, and many more, however, a majority of these questions were answered and I came away feeling it was very worthwhile and not just a precursor to a degree, but a part it.
There were 10 parts to the Intro each dealing with a different topic. Managing my time was covered in section 2 and I now feel better equipped to evaluate and set the most productive times in the day, for my learning. Another of my concerns was dealt with in section 6 and covered the learning log. I am interested in the combined approach, so I am going to write my notes online in a blog and print out the typed work to place into a paper based log. The problem for me when totally hand written, is I make many mistakes and have to write and re-write to obtain something readable. Having said that, there is something satisfying about holding a paper version in your hand, complete with pictures and notes to view, so I will try to do both, using a print out of my typed notes from my online blog and adding pictures and notes as I go. The Introduction enabled me to highlight what may also be my weak areas, but in doing so gave me a chance to work on those areas and the confidence to at least try my best towards achieving my goal of a degree.
One thing I did find unviable was section 10, this was a Research Trail Assignment which had an estimated time of 1hr to a day to finish, depending on how much work you wanted to put in. As the research would entail Library visits and other research, I felt the time given to this by myself, would have been greater than the time stated. I would like to attempt this research as it would give me the opportunity to document and collate information, with a view to writing a research piece, without the added worry of it affecting my mark. However, I felt my time would be better employed starting Drawing 1, and time permitting do question 10 alongside my studies. That being said I found the Introduction to Studying HE invaluable and am very glad I didn’t bypass the chance of taking the course.


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