Exercise 1 Warm-up – temporary drawings.

I found this exercise fun, it was a reminder that art is all around us and can be found anywhere, provoking memories and emotions I have not experienced for a very long time. When younger I spent many hours in bed struck down by a mystery illness with no television and nothing to do with my thoughts, one rainy night towards the end of my illness my imagination turned to raindrops that had fallen on the window, they sparkled yellow in the street lamps, their changing patterns enchanting.

With this experience in mind, for my first set of exercises I worked with washing up liquid, shower gel, olive oil, and hand wash. I started out by trying to create a pattern of drops by dropping washing up liquid into a bowl of water. I had little control and it had little impact other than a barely visible circle of washing up blobs, but what I did find impressive was the ripple effect on the water surface after the impact of the liquid.

liquid drop in water 24012015_edited-1

My next attempt was again with liquid soap and oil. I wanted to create a visible effect with colour, rather like the drops and rivulets of water down glass. I dropped oil onto the top of a glass of water, which created a beautiful pattern like rain drops and then I dripped 3 different coloured soaps through the oil into the water, it slowly dropped to the bottom of the glass creating transient patterns as it moved to the bottom. I had little control over the patterns but I found by placing the soap on top of the oil it had a slower decent giving a better visual show. My added bonus was the beautiful colour mix at the bottom of the glass. If I was to do this again I would try dropping all three colours at once.

liquid soap excersize

Staying with creating rivulets I tried something different, I dropped the water onto the hot front of a fire, however it was a little too hot at the time and the drips dried before I could create a good pattern.  I dont think this was succesful if I was to do it again I would wait for the fire to cool a little.

water pattern on a hot fire canopy

My next exercise and moving away from rain drops began with making a pattern through flour which I sprinkle onto a tray. First I drew with a toothpick outlined my shape and then enlarged areas of the pattern with a pencil. I found this fun rather like a primitive form of Etch a Sketch. It held the pattern well but fine detail would have been a problem. Next time if I did this again I would try varying sized drawing sticks.

flour drawing
Finally with my last exercise I decided to use an eye dropper with water dropped onto cardboard. I drew an outline of a house, which I must say was not my best drawing, but I think it filled the brief well. Holding a visual pattern and then vanishing as it dried. If I was to do this exercise again I would make sure I thought out the drawing before applying the water.house 2

I have enjoyed these exercises as it has made me think about the meaning of art and its timespan, which can be for a fleeting moment or something that is more permanent.


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