Part 1, Project 1, Exercise 1, Expressive lines and marks

This exercise was about creating non-objective images using the energy of 4 different feelings. Four A1 sheets were folded in half and in half again, each quarter was to be filled with an image, in relation to the chosen feeling of that sheet. You had to use four different drawing media. I used Willow Charcoal for all top left images, top right Conte Pastel, bottom left ink, and bottom right ordinary wax crayon. There were 3 feelings already given which were Calm, Anger and Joy, the last sheet you could choose your own emotion. I chose feeling Low, due to a cold I had just caught making me feel miserable, ill and very low. I thought the mood I was in would help with my drawings for that particular sheet. On completion of each sheet your were asked to reflect on your four drawings and jot down thoughts and words in a similar free flow fashion.


calm tWords that came to mind: Sedate, Floating, Still, Chilled, Steady, Drifting, Relaxed.
Thoughts: Soaring birds, bubbles and seeds heads floating, the still flat surface of a pond, lying on a lilo in the sun on the sea.

Angeranger tWords that came to mind: Hatred, Misery, Frustration, Rage, Stress.
Thoughts: Unfairness in life, people being thoughtless, the thought of too much work and not enough time.

Joyjoy tWords that came to mind: Happy, Explosive, Fun, Holidays, Flowers, Playful.
Thoughts: Having pets, Flowers, having days out, fireworks, going on holiday and walking.

Lowlow tWords that came to mind: Sinking, Ill, Black, Lethargic, Falling, Heavy, Sad, Raining.
Thoughts: At the time of doing this I was feeling really ill with a heavy cold, I felt pretty much all the above. This to me is the less appealing sheet, but possibly the one that reflects the most pure of feelings that were projected onto the paper.

Reflecting on the exercises above I was surprised by the way emotion does alter the way in which we express our mark within our art. It’s something I have never attributed to the art I have produced in the past. I paint and draw things that please me, make me feel happy. The other thing I found surprising as it was an unconscious action, was I used in the main all the area within the panel for each drawn action. I am not used to drawing on such a large scale, the thought of filling an A1 sheet is almost stressful. It is funny how within the brief it mentions the separate panels make you aware of negative space and composition, this must have been an unconscious thought at the time, as although aware of space and composition, it didn’t dominate my thoughts when drawing at the time. Overall I think composition is fair, with pleasing negative space. The one I felt worked worst was the sheet marked Low. I asked the opinion in regards to composition and space of someone, with no prior knowledge of the feelings portrayed, they too felt the Low sheet was not as good as the others.


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