Project 2, Exercise 1 Groups of objects

For this Exercise I had to choose at least six objects of different sizes and shapes and some should be three dimensional forms made from rectangles and  cylinders , with others of a less regular form the drawing was to be loose and using techniques used in previous exercises .

I worked on A2 Paper and used graphite, wax crayon, ink and stick, willow charcoal and a charcoal pencil. The main problem was the same as I always have, where to start, I marked out the width and length of paper area needed and proceeded to draw my group of objects. For a loose drawing I don’t think it went too badly. The proportions are not exact and neither is the perspective, but it is near enough to give a nice looking composition. When drawing I took into account what had been learnt earlier, though I was not able to put much emotion into the peace except for my enjoyment and pleasure at doing the exercise. I think this shows in the composition. However I did try to adjust my line and media to portray the light and heavy, transparent and opaque. The darker strokes and marks were used for density and weight the lighter for transparency and lightness. The A2 paper was reasonably covered I think. The only way I could of covered more paper would be to use different objects or a different composition, I think I covered the different sizes and shapes of the objects required so I am reasonably pleased with the drawing.

This for me was a good exercise, I don’t often do loose drawings it made me relax and enjoy the process.
If I was to do the drawing again I would try to do it in one media and concentrate more on the mark making to convey my different weights, and surfaces.



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