Project 2, Exercise 2, Observing Shadow using blocks of tone.

This Exercise was about placing two pale objects close together and observing the light and dark areas and the tonal changes. You were to use Charcoal or Conte Stick, working quickly on A1 or A2 blocking in the light and dark areas then the gradations of tone. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, well I didn’t find it that way, as Charcoal without smudging and blending for me, is difficult to do tones.

I worked with both natural light and a daylight lamp as it was a dull day. I worked on both sides of a A3 Sketchbook giving me an A2 picture plane. The drawings were not that accurate in perspective as I did all four at speed as asked for. Each picture showed how I mapped out the areas of tone, from dark and light, to gradation of tones through to how the negative space worked with the items. I made a mistake on where my cream tubes were drawn, they were way out of the centre of the square, I need to work on my placements possibly by drawing border lines in before I start, but it was an interesting study and I don’t think my picture came out too bad, because it looked fairly 3d and you could pick out various tones across the picture.

  block shadow 1422015_edited-1    


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