Project 2, Exercise 3 Creating shadow using lines and marks

There are two projects to this exercise the first without worrying about neatness and accuracy, I had to use four different drawing tools, divide the page into four and produce the items tones using criss-crossing lines, hatching and spots. I used Graphite Pencil, Fineliner Pen, Ballpoint Pen and a normal Fountain Pen which I used like a dipping pen. I chose a Banana I was about to have for my dinner, and had a little fun using different types of mark on the same object. For the Banana with a fountain pen I decided in the main to use dots, it seemed to suit the subject and I really enjoyed working with them. I thought I would do a little research and took time to look at art using dots and came across some fantastic art. One person I noticed was Miguel Endara my use of dots was a far cry from this, however for my first and quick attempt at producing tone using dots I think it was fair. I didn’t enjoy the hatching or line affect as much though on other types of objects they do look very effective.

bananas 1622015

The second project in this exercise was arrange three or four objects making a quick loose three dimensional drawing, the outlines not being too strong, just enough to indicate the shape of the item. Then working fast use hatching or spots show the various tones of the objects.
I found working fast with the dot technique made dot accuracy, given my skill level hard and my dots at times became dashes. I would like to try a drawing using dots taking my time. From the inaccuracy of my drawing and the dashes instead of dots I think my sketch showed I worked at speed. I was annoyed with myself because for some reason I had not positioned my objects well, however for a quick drawing I think I showed the various tones reasonably well, and gave a three dimensional look to the objects. I used hatching for the shadow to make my objects stand out. If I did it again I would carry the hatching into the shadow on the objects themselves or stick with the one method either hatching or dots. I used a Fineliner for this sketch.

On both these exercises I found the natural light from the window had needed to be balanced with light from a daylight lamp, as it was a fairly dull day and my studio is a very small room in a cottage with a small window. On its own the  daylight lacked enough brilliance to give the objects I chose  a tonal form making them appear flat and almost monotone with a slight hightlight. On lighting my objects from the same side as the window which was on the left, I had enough light to show some tonal qualities, enabling my objects to be depicted as having form.

Since writing this I have researched the dot tecnique and found an artist called Lizzie Harper whos Botanical Illustration I admire uses this method of tonal shading.

quick loose scan 1


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