Project 2, Exercise 4, Shadows and reflected light.

For this exercise I was asked to choose two objects with reflective surfaces and try to show an interesting interplay of light and shadow. I was to use charcoal and a Putty Rubber, on A1 or A2 paper using bold strokes, with the side of my charcoal stick, trying to fill the paper. I didn’t fill the A2 paper I had chosen, as I found the asymmetrical shape of my still life, would not lend itself to cropping without losing the line of the objects and their shadow, which I really liked. I feel if I had cropped the image losing the full shadow it would have given me a chance of filling the paper, but found this hard to do. In part because I really liked the flow and character of the still life I had drawn, but added to that I normally always leave a generous margin on my paper. I suppose it’s difficult to lose old habits.

I did no preliminary sketches , because I felt this Exercise was still about practicing your mark in a free and flowing manner. Some of my highlights were made by lifting charcoal with the putty rubber, some areas were left as highlights without a mark of any kind.

One thing I was pleased with, was the interplay of shadow and light within the Coffee Pot, which achieved a look of shiny Stainless Steel. The reflected ceramic pot could be seen in both the body of the Coffee Pot and its handle.

Apart from filling the page, which I will have to work on in future, I think this exercise went well, showing shadow, light and reflective qualities.



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