A couple of Quick Drawings.

One is a  very quick still life of a Wooden Cat it was done in very old Conte Oil Pastels I found and wanted to try out again. I havent used them in about 15 years. Wow their colour is still strong.

The second (cough) Una Stubbs she too  was a speed sketch drawn in an hour from Charcoal and Graphite. I didnt quite finish it in the time I had which was 60 minutes and is not one of my best sketches, but it does have a look of Una and  I have to be honest I didnt think in that time I would manage anything that had a  resemblance, so I was pleased. It was a quick drawing competition to win  Derwent pencils, needless to say I didnt win, but it was good practice as I have never really done Portraits of humans, only animals and certainly not at speed.

My reason behind these quick sketches is to try and get better perspective at speed, something I am not good at.

wooden cat for col_edited-1 una


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