Part 2, Project 1, Exercise 1, Compositional sketches of man-made objects

Sketches man-made objects.

For this Exercise I was to create a composition comprised of man-made objects, using a pencil or pen using different viewpoints. I had to draw 2 or 3 thumbnail sketches. The light source was to be used to create strong darks and lights.

The first drawing was done on a table just below eye level. Light was coming from the left and it was enhanced by a daylight bulb. The subject matter needed more drama as they portrayed a time when Electric light was not a normality. I used Graphite Pencil 2b drawing close directional lines smudged using a cotton bud and circles.

The photographs were taken after I had drawn the pictures so are not exactly the position I drew them.

Uni bottle 1

golblet 3 160515

This second thumb nail sketch was done in less light with candle light from the left. It gave the subject more drama and portrayed the appearance of age, lack of  electricity and relaxation. The subjects were above eye level and closer together which from a composition point of view looked better. I liked the stronger darks. I used Graphite Pencils 2b and 9b to get the dark tone, close directional lines and cirles smudged using a cotton bud. I think if I go onto develop this drawing I would stick with the darker candle lit design as it suits the drama and meaning I was trying to produce.

Uni Bottle 2

goblet 2 1652015


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