Part 2, Project1, Exercise 2 Compositional studies of natural objects

Sketches of natural objects. This drawing was done with evening sunlight coming from the left which gave the stones a slight pink glow. Pencils were Faber and Castell Polychromos. I kept the background loose using hatching, as this was purely a sketch and to do it justice I would have needed a lot more time. I experimented with a few backgrounds in order to see how they looked and I liked the dot technique which looked very like sand. Other marks I used were contour lines and circles, the pencils blended as I used them. If I develop this picture at a later stage I would probably go with the dot technique but use a lighter sand to give greater contrast to the picture. I didn’t like the vertical approach, as it didn’t seem to suit the subject and the feeling of being at the beach enjoying nature that I was after. Possibly because beaches give the feeling of freedom and the vertical drawing didnt portray this.  So I decided to try a drawing of it horizontal.

I took the photographs at a slightly different angle than I drew the picture I took them after I had drawn the pictures.

Background Thumbnails Background thumbnails

first pebble picture uni

coloured pencil pebbles 1652015

This drawing was done in morning sunlight which changed the colours slightly the light not being so orange. I used Windsor and Newton Watercolour Pencils and Inktense Pencils. Although this sketch looked more accomplished, I think the Faber and Castell/Coloursoft picture  would give more detail on further development, so if I was to develop further I will need to decide on whether I want an impressionistic or a more photorealistic drawing. I would also place the stick differently as it mingled too much with the deep shadows under the pebbles. I used various techniques with these pencils from light close lines which gave a more even wash, and circles, hatching was less appropriate as the pencils don’t always wash even when the lines are pronounced. I finally gave the piture a wash with water to blend the colours.

I did both pictures on a day there was strong sunlight to give the colour and light we all want when we visit the beach.

second pebble picture

watercolour pencils  pebbles1652015


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