Is it easier to suggest three dimensions on man-made or natural objects? Try to explain your answer.
My personal view is there are pros and cons for both sides. On man-made objects the line and dimensions for the most part is simple and easier to draw, but on the natural objects the non-uniform shape seems to make the definition of the subject better, giving more interesting shadow and light. So although man-mad object dimensions may be easier to draw, the suggestion of the object can be better defined when it has a more interesting shape.

How did you create a sense of solidarity in your compositions?

For all drawings I found that it was the likeness of subject which gave a sense of solidarity and their position in relation to each other gave balance. The placement in relation to each other added to the solidarity, allowing for them to all have their own space but be close enough to unite the picture. For the first drawings the leather cup, candle and earthenware bottle all suggested a time in the past. The pebble pictures were all items found on the beach.

Did changing the arrangement of your composition make a difference to your approach and the way you created a sense of form?
No not really, for me personally I think it’s the subject matter that changes my approach rather than composition.


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