Part 2, Project 3, Exercise 1 Using markers or dip pens.

This Exercise was about doing three alternative compositions for my chosen objects which were to lend themselves to bright colours. These were to be done in my Sketchbook. I was to use a collection of markers with different sized fibre tips. And a variety of colours in different tonal values. I was then to select one of my compositions and recreate it on A4 or A3. I could also use found supports for my picture such as pages from magazines the cover of an old book, a large envelope with address stamp etc.

I actually used letters and a picture from a Magazine in my final Exercise, but not the whole page. To begin I did three preliminary sketches using Staedtler fine and medium nib fibre pens and Derwent Graphik Painter pens which although are a fine fibre type nib, they work more like a dip pen and ink as you can add water and make washes with the ink. Which I did to blend and make the dripping fruit affect. I used various marks in drawing this picture, lines, hatches circles and dots.

I liked my first two preliminary sketches but felt I wanted to add more meaning to the whole exercise and I had used fruit in various stages of its shelf life. From fresh to the it really needs to go stage. This brought to mind the way life is just a circle, from creation back to decay and then then it starts all over again. Especially with plants, where they grow from seed, produce beautiful fruit , which in turn dies, falls to the ground and the whole process begins again.

These were the first two sketches and the corresponding photos.

P1080158fruit sketch086

I had placed them in an irregular sort of circle starting with the ripest fruit then moving around and to the fore in order of freshness. Next I thought I would try and do a circle which would move from fresh to rotting.


This time I liked the idea and decided to use it for my final Exercise but wanted to have more colour and evidence of decay. I didn’t think the Banana worked well peeled with the bright colour of the fibre tip pens so left that whole and also removed the plum which I didn’t think went well with the berries. I drew a circle and positioned my fruit around it, but after the final picture where I added staining from the rotting fruit, I would, if I did it again, use more uniform fruit and make sure they are placed in a way to balance the heavy paint effect from the seeping fruit as can be seen in the final Exercise.


marker blog

Surprisingly I really enjoyed this Exercise and feel I have managed to portray some meaning within the final picture.


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