Reviewing Part 2, Project 3.

Which drawing media did you find most effective to use for which effects?
Marker Pens – these were good to give a bright poster like affect to work they can be blended to a point. Though not one of my favourite mediums.
Graphik Line Painters – the affects from these varied they were like line and wash combined with the boldness of Marker Pens. If you mastered these they could be very useful. They were very good at producing the dripping effect from the rotten fruit.
Graphite Pencil – I find these to be excellent for drawing giving tone and an ability to create a multitude of different marks.
Fineliner Pen – I can see the uses for these in making interesting bold outlines together with a wash, tone can be achieved by changing the mark made as there is very little you can do to alter that with pressure.
Derwent Coloursoft – these are great for detail, colour and contrast, though they are not always easy to mix. The have a less grainy look so are better for smooth objects.
Faber and Castell Polychromos – These are very similar to Coloursoft and are great for detail, colour and contrast, however I find these better for giving texture so they are very versatile.
What sort of marks work well to create tone, pattern and texture? Make notes in your sketchbook beside some sample marks. This will prove useful as you continue your journey as an artist.

I find this one hard to answer as I think all marks work well to create tone, pattern and texture. It really depends on what mark you want to use and what affect you are after.

Look at the composition of the drawings you’ve done in this project. Make some sketches and notes about how you might create more interesting compositions
I have a few things I would change with my composition overall.

With the first exercise I would change the type of fruit used to see If this would balance the picture more, the Banana seems to throw the balance a little and I needed to increase the amount of berries to lift them into the corner to keep the negative space balanced.

Exercise two the Pomegranate I would try something a little more interesting than the cut in half maybe sliced or one side quartered some seeds on the floor area.

Exercise three I actually like so don’t think I would change it. The negative space lifts the shell giving it prominence, it contrasts with the shell and the halo of sandy hatches give the shell area a look of it being in a spotlight.

thumbnail for uni


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