Part 2, Project 4, Exercise 1, Still life using line

For this Exercise I was to set up a Still Life and select objects that are either naturally connected in some way – shape, height, pattern, texture, function, storytelling. Or deliberately contrast or clash.

Use an A3 sheet of paper and a medium suitable for drawing line such as dipping pen and ink, oriental brush pen or fine black pen, to make a drawn study. This was to show my understanding of the forms and connections plus spaces between the forms. I was to concentrate on the patterns, textures and shapes. Tone could be indicated but this was essentially about line.

I found this exercise interesting as dipping pen has a mind of its own and I had to go with the drips and dots, I chose as I felt it depicted my design well. I tried various heights and views for my Still Life but decided on waist high and half side frontal view. Time restraints with trying to keep up with the course mean perspective for me is difficult I often need to measure everything out. Having said that I managed to get the perspective nearly correct the cup is slightly out. The hardest was trying to described the rather bumpy surface of mint leaves, without some form of tone. I found the subject matter pleasing as it linked things I love like mint tea, strawberries and flowers and went through various arrangements before settling on the final piece. I would like in the future to try something a little less grouped, but these subjects worked well close together. Although the left side is heavier and slightly close to the left side of the paper, I was going to have shadow to the right which balances the picture. I was pleased with this as I had tried to achieve this from the start and feel my position of the subjects worked well, though perhaps if I was to do it again in the future I could try to fill the paper more and see how it works. Unfortunately this cant be seen on my blog as A3 is slightly too big for my scanner, so it had to be cropped a little. I did stray from line only and used tone even though it was not essential. The only  item I would change in my  composition  in  a future drawing would be the rose bud, it was curving to the right, I think a straight on view may be better, so I would choose a straighter specimin.  I used Fabriano Artist paper sadly it buckles slightly under water.

Final Line Drawing.


Sketchbook drawings experimenting with object placement.

sketchbook thumbnails of cup 1

sketchbook thumbnail of cup 2

Photographs of compositions leading up to the final drawing exercise.

P1080217 P1080215


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