Part 2, Project 4, Exercise 2 Still Life in tone using colour,

For this exercise I had to concentrate on identifying the tone using a coloured pencil or pastel to sketch them in roughly using the side of the medium to create broad strokes. Then use a different colour to sketch in the midtones and another colour to sketch in the light tones. Working my way around the composition adding layers of colour on colour, varying the type and pressure of mark building up tone shadow and contrast. I had to work fast using a variety of effects, patterns , sweeps of colour etc making the image spontaneous and energetic.  I was then to take a look at my picture and consider if I had made good use of line, tone and colour if not start again. I felt although this first attempt wasn’t perfect in composition or detail, if I continued to attempt the same sketch I would be tempted to overdo the picture losing the spontaneous look I had captured. For me this was a pleasing picture as I don’t find working quick or loose easy and the  drawing of the Rumtopf looked full of life and energy. Neither did I attempt any sketches in my Sketchbook. Overall though I do feel this drawing shows tone, and contrast well, shadow was a little more difficult as working loose I couldn’t get the checks to show well if I deepened the shadow too much I lost the checks. Also I found the reflection in the jar difficult to do without trying to go too detailed with my pastel work.



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