Part 5 Pets and other animals Research Point

At this point I was asked to look at contemporary artists who include animal in their drawings. They can be imaginary or real creatures. I have to make notes on their materials, methods and ideas and test some of them in my sketchbook, then reflect on what I have discovered in my learning log. An example given was of Portuguese/British artist Paula Rego who often positioned animals and humans together in her paintings, creating mythical narratives firmly based in her own culture and personal history. I chose 3 very different artists:-

Caitlin Hackett

Is one artist I looked at she draws animals depicted alongside humans, her work is mythological in nature, but its drawn not only from myth, but modern day man and his pollution of Earth causing mutations in animals, she reminds us we too are animals. Her work is very thought provoking and reminds us we are destroying ourselves in the very process of living. Much of her work is produced using ballpoint pen, coloured pencil, and watercolour. She doesn’t normally do preliminary sketches but starts with a mental vision, then does a loose pencil sketch which she continues to develop, then she uses ballpoint progressing to the finer details, after finishing that layer she then infills with colour from pencil and or watercolour. Keep The Memories is one of my favourite pictures, and makes me feel no matter what we do to destroy our Earth, in the end we will not beat nature.

Rebecca Koller
Is a coloured pencil artist who illustrates wildlife in a photorealistic way. She started out by painting Murals, her passion for animals and conservation has led her to produce work that combines her life’s passions to create some beautiful pictures. Rebecca’s illustration of a Red Back Spider is one of my favourites it gives a menacing message that as beautiful as it is the Red Back Spider is not to be messed with.!gallery/c60z

Iso Rae
She is an Australian artist who made some extraordinarily atmospheric drawings of World War 1, several showing pictures of horses. The drawing called A Farewell shows a viewpoint of behind the scenes of war, and was drawn using charcoal, pencil and wash, the highlights in the picture create a feeling of life. I found this a surprise, such a small splash of colour evoked a mental vision of people going about their everyday duties, whilst a serious looking meeting took place in the cover of night. The scene was drawn on dark paper which adds to the atmosphere. I am not usually a fan of impressionistic work but she has captured an atmosphere within her work I can feel.


Above are my Sketchbook Drawings, each in a style of my chosen artists. I learnt that art can be made using many medias, none of which is correct but each giving their subject a very different look and atmosphere.  In my personal view I feel my favourite art often has some passion from the artist, in that they draw what is important and gives  meaning to them personally. This passion flows through to their own work giving the viewer a sense of how they feel and adds something to the work which wouldnt be there otherwise..


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