Project 5, Exercise 1 Animal line study.

This was about line study leading to a drawing looking at the basic animal shape. I had to do a series of small and fast line sketches of different poses over 2 hours. Experiment with different, media – thick and thin soft and hard. do as many studies as I could. I then was to spend another couple of hours few days later trying to capture the essence of the animal through intense scrutiny of form, colour, texture character, scale stance, movement etc. When comfortable I was to do a large drawing on A1 or A2 paper. concentrating on expressive and gestural line and use variations of pressure speed line lengths, etc to give the animal a sense of weight and vitality. Positioning the subject in an atmospheric and realistic environment.

I decided after various sketches of different animals to draw my young cat she was not for sitting still so I attempted the drawing from memory,  a photograph and sketches. I chose her because I was more comfortable with her shape and felt this type of drawing would work better with a shape I could draw quickly. She has this cat tower and I have captured her just about to play,  the background was a symbol of her dampened fiery nature. She was born wild and abandoned so although tame she still has the element of the wild about her.  The sketch was done by laying down a quick line drawing in graphite.  I used charcoal, graphite and pastel. My Pastels were swept on sideways, the base of the cat was done this way and a series of lines were placed to look like fur. I then use my pastel side on for the base and created small rapid marks to give the mottled effect. I only made a gesture of the rope and the shadow was done using a broad sweep of pastel. I chose this medium as the chalks and pencils vary greatly in thickness depending on how you use them. I also wanted to try and interpret an atmosphere with colour.

cat uni 29201I drew various quick sketches in pen, charcoal, pencil, water soluble graphite. They were all quick sketches something I am not very good at and from this exercise have decided I need to do more.

quick sketches of animals

Photo used for reference from before my kitten grew, but it gave me an idea of her markings as she found playing with my pencils more fun than sitting for me.

bram for uni


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