Part 2, Project 5, Exercise 3 Live animals – using line and tone

For this exercise we were to do a study using both line and tone to create a sense of volume and movement through space I was free to work in any combination of media.

I am not sure if my use of a slug is quite the type of animal wanted for this exercise but I am running behind and hadn’t time to take a day trip out to study an animal, but I could bring a slug  indoors. I had already drawn the dog, cat and chicken so wanted another subject.  I decided on an abstract picture and chose paper which I felt would suit my subject. I first did some graphite studies and then a couple of coloured in mixed media. I tried a green background loose in application, but didn’t like it. When I sketched the slugs I decided I would do a white trail which was a mixture of fine line from pastel pencil and wide line from using the side of pastel chalks. I think the trails portray the brief better than the slugs, whose outline was in chalk to begin with in order to see them on the paper, then I went over in dipping pen and ink. The slugs themselves were drawn using various marks, they are not as coloured as they look as the grey paper gave the mid-dark tone and I worked with it to create the drawing of the animal.  The picture was drawn using pen and ink , mixed chalk, pencil pastels and charcoal.

I liked the movement I created and feel I did fairly well with the tone, but  I should have balanced the picture up a little more and lost a look of line in the slugs as the marks were layered, the first layer being quick light strokes using a broken chalk  pastel on its side, the darker tone was added on top using a brown pastel pencil and charcoal these were done in much smaller line, the white highlights added last in very small quick strokes. The balance could have been improved by making the left side less busy, something that cant be seen in the tight cropped picture below.

slugs for uni

slugs multi_edited-1


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