Yorkshire Sculpture Park Visit

Had a great day at the Sculpture Park, I went initially to see the Poppy Wave, of ceramic poppies created by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper. It was extremely beautiful, but I was expecting the display to be larger, which was a little disappointing.  Wave was just part of the sculpture which consisted of Ceramic Poppy heads suspended on long stalks. The effect was developed over a period of time each Poppy planted by volunteers in memory of soldiers dying in the first world war.

There were other sculptures to be seen Sophie Ryders’ sitting was one I liked, even though it seem disjointed where the front was joined to the back it had an appeal about it. It was made from wire which added to the artistry of the whole piece, the statue was of a  woman’s shapely body with a a Hares head, there was something mystical about it.

I also really love the Iron Tree outside the Chapel, the rusty look to its branches glowed in the evening sun, but rather than stand out from it environment, it looked like it belonged and was part of a natural decaying process.

The Chapel was a port of call but I didn’t really take much notice of the art, I was disappointing because it was a beautiful building an artwork of its own right, and felt it  should have be the center of attention.






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