Part 2, Project 6, Exercise 2, Interior

I found this Exercise confusing as it was written, but decided I would make 4 very quick sketches and then a final one paying a little more attention. I was to look carefully at angles and various viewpoints outlining the shapes and tones using soft pencil, conte or charcoal. Each view was to have a change of view point, 2 drawn portrait and 2 in landscape. In order to help decide on composition I had to choose my view from preliminary sketches. I finally chose a close up of the door, showing beams and skirting, they had interesting angles and strong contrasts I drew the close up as I felt the furniture was distracting and didn’t add to the picture. I loved the lines and angles of this final drawing, and was pleased with it, but if I was to draw it again I would use a straight edge to get my lines a little straighter.

One of the quick sketches were drawn in charcoal. Three in Derwent Soluble Graphite Pencil. The final and more accomplished drawing was drawn using Derwent Soluble and the use of a water brush.

door 3191door 2190door 1189


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