Part 2, Project 6, Exercise 3, Tonal Study

For this I was to look carefully at how the light falls across my chosen subject, use all the page of A2 – A1 , exploring the subject using the techniques learned in Part One.

I could use Charcoal, Soft Pencil, Conte or Pastel.. I chose Willow Charcoal.

As this was a tonal exercise I chose my old battered leather suit cases and wicker basket drawing from the previous exercise. The light was poor as it was in my bedroom, so I positioned a daylight lamp so it shone on the right side of my subject. I don’t have an easel or board big enough for the size of paper I used which was A1, so I did the best I could and used a flat piece of cardboard placed on my bed to rest my paper on. Not one of my most accurate pieces of work, but for once I didn’t try to work too much detail into my subject, giving a much looser depiction than normal. Nothing was totally perfect in nature, I would have spent a lot of time I haven’t got, trying to get it that way. But I think the marks made give some character and interest to the picture. My personal feel is due to my lighting not being adequate my picture lacks disinct tone, so if I was to do it again I would try placing more light to one side to give a more dramatic affect.

suitcase uni


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