Part 2, Project 6, Research Point

For this research Point we were to look at two pictures one Anthony Green, Study for Mrs Madeleine, Joscelyne with her son 1987 and Phillip Pearlstein, Male Model with Kimono, Female Model with Mirror, 1985 (Godfrey, 1990,P.71) Consider how I may work with unusual or multiple viewpoints. Find contemporary artists who focus on domestic interiors and analyse their choice of content, medium, format, etc. Consider how their work reflects its context in terms of era fashion, mood current issues and so on.

I have taken a look at several artists and chosen 3 none are of multiple viewpoint, but they all are very different in their portrayal and view of their subjects. I personally find multiple viewpoints as shown in the reference sample above, confusing to the eye, but admire the skill in their portrayal.

Bella Foster
Who paints rooms with blocks of bright colours, you can see from her paintings that she was inspired by Matisse. Her painting are vibrant Watercolours, her viewpoints are single but interesting as they are painted flat, depth being evident from the line used within the picture. Their content are contemperory, their portrayal of mood, vibrant and happy. They get you in the holiday mood.

Susan Ryder.
Susan paints in Oil her interiors are painted with various viewpoints and depth, her paintings often have a viewpoint through doors leading the eye through the house. Or to a vista outside. Although contemperory they have an almost times past look about them and have a suggestion of class the houses seemingly belonging to a more affluent owner. They remind me of Agatha Christie and the settings of her books as her work gives a romantic vision.

Bernard Buffet
The painting I am looking at is Interior 1950
Found in a book which I had on loan from the library,
Ian Chilvers, L. M. (2013). The Illustrated Story of Art. London: Dorling Kindersley Limited.
For example on my blog I include the link below from Bridgeman Images.

On this occassion I looked at one painting. I think this is my favourite, although sombre and not what I would usually choose, its linear look and muted colours give a feeling of everyday, a place we could all have been. The Bentwood café chairs, don’t give me the feel of a Café, but brings to mind train waiting rooms from my past. It has no frills, but the paintings beauty is in the way it stirs emotions and feelings. Its depth and character portrayed with the help of dark lines. Although this is a single focal point and not altogether what I was looking for, its the atmosphere I like, so I included it in my chosen painters.


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