Part 2, Project 6, Exercise 4 Line and Wash

For this exercise I was to select a range of media including pen, soft pencil oriental brush pen, charcoal and oily pastel. Work on any scale. I was to warm up but drawing continuous line in different media without looking at the paper. Keep a loose approach and keep working until I feel confident with each medium. Then work on creating interesting tones by using one or two colour washes.

I don’t have an oriental brush pen so I used all the above but substituted the brush with a Graphik Line Pen.

I decided to draw a lamp from my previous exercise rather than a scene, and had no problem with any of the media used as I am relatively comfortable with them all. The lamp was drawn from a low viewpoint and produced only looking at the paper to place the first point of my pencil or media being used. I was surprised because they all came out relatively the same to look at. I am sure it says something about my brain to hand action, but hate to think what. I then washed the lamps with two colours, grey and blue. Three were done with the light from the lamp only and three were done with a side light. With the object area being so small and a the wash quick it doesn’t show a great deal of difference within the shadow areas. The top three lamps are the ones lit from the lamp itself. The washes were all quick but applied in different ways. My favourite ones were both the pen and wash lamps both were done with one wash. My worst one was the wax relief I don’t think it worked very well, probably because I have never done it before and hadn’t applied the wax well. If I was to do this exercise again I would try and make the lamps bigger to give more scope with the wash. Overall I enjoyed this exercise it was fun just letting go.

lamp 1



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