Part 2, Project 6, Exercise 5 Mixed Media

For this Exercise I was to use a range of coloured media such as oil pastels , watercolours, ink and coloured pencils. I could incorporate small areas of collage.  I was to work on a large sheet of paper  A2 or A1 divided up into two or four boxes. Alternatively work in your sketchbook. I used my sketchbook and did two drawings .

I was to glance through the studies I had made so far and see which had the most successful pictorial effect, work either from direct observation of my interior view or from one of my exercise studies.  I had to mix media I was less familiar with and experiment with several studies of the subject looking at it from different viewpoints. I didnt follow this  as due to time constraints I was only going to do 2 drawings and I wanted to do an interior picture similar in style to one of my researched artist Bella Foster . It was done with graphite and watercolour, from a totally different angle than in my sketchbook which showed some shelves in the Kitchen looking into the dining room door giving just a small glimpse of the dresser .  The way Bella Foster works is totally alien to me and would be a real experiment. I felt I would be taking on too much if I did a more complicated view, so I chose a more difficult one for my second study, which was my bedroom to landing previously quickly sketched from a different angle. The second drawing I did was pastel, charcoal and graphite on an odd paper called Fisher 400, I had never used this paper before it is like sandpaper. I learnt not to blend with the finger or you would loose your finger tips!

In my first picture showing the dresser I tried to use blocks of colour in the same style  as Bella Foster, I havent used watercolour so strong before and neither have I painted anything so flat. I was uncomfortable with the whole thing and felt, although I had a good colour scheme, my picture lacked something making it look more like something I would have painted at the age of 7 years. If I was to do it again I would possible add more around the edges of the dresser to give the picture greater interest. Overall I found this hard to do, but it was the reason I felt compelled to do the picture, because it was way out of my comfort zone.  I was told to think of a title when producing my work for this one I chose Simple Things.

simple things

For my second study as mentioned I chose my bedroom to landing sketch but worked it from a slightly different angle showing my coats hanging on the back of the door. I changed subjects as I felt the dresser would have been two simplistic for the exercise I was doing and needed to stretch myself. Again it was a real experiment, this time because of the paper. I had never used this paper before, didnt know how the colour would go on, or how it would blend. I didnt try it out  beforehand as I wanted the actual drawing to be the experiment, as mentioned above. Overall I liked this sketch but would if done again,  leave it until a sunny day in order to get more interesting shadow. My Title for this picture was Time For Rest.

Time for rest


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