Part 3, Project 2, Exercise 1 Cloud formations and tone

This was to be a study of clouds capture various weather conditions and times of day.

The three drawings below were all drawn on the same day.

The top sketch on the study known 29th December was drawn using Pastel and Watercolour pencils.  It was a beautiful cloud towering in the sky. It had volume and form and worked well with both media used.

The second sketch shows very high wispy cloud which was achieved using Soft Pastel, I like this affect and would use it again.

The third Pastel and Charcoal. I like this one the least I dont think this one worked well, I should have applied it with a sponge or cloth and the lines spoil the look,



Clouds 29010
29th December 2014

Top study of drawings known as 30th, 31st December, was drawn on the 30th December it was very stormy the clouds dark and heavy and moving quickly across the sky. I used water soluble Wax Crayons which I think worked well for this type of cloud. It was drawn in several layers and washed between each layer.

The second drawing on this sheet dated the 31st of December was the day after the storm. The cloud was less dense and smoother in appearance so I thought I would try Charcoal. This was my favorite drawing. I applied the Charcoal in several layers and all the highlights were removed using a rubber and Putty Rubber. The clouds were still moving relatively fast but were far less angry.

Clouds 3031009
30th, 31st December

Top drawing on the 3rd sheet known as 1st, 2nd Jan was drawn in watercolour pencil washed with water and used like a coloured pencil without water. This worked well but was a little bit bitty in places, I worked it in layers which were possible too heavily applie, the small glimpse of blue beyond the cloud doesn’t come across as well as I would like and feel I should of added a little more colour. Tone was achieved by less pigment being used and manipulation with a waterbrush.

The picture under this was dated 2nd January. I tried coloured pencil but it didn’t work well on the smooth paper of my sketchbook, so I had to work over it with watercolour pencil and water soluble wax crayon. It hasn’t worked and looks messy.

Clouds1 2011
1st, 2nd Jan 2016

The night picture was just for fun. It was actually drawn on the 31st of December I first covered the paper in coloured soft pastel and then overlay in dark wax portraying the night sky, -the clouds worked well and looked luminous- and the foreground showing fields with the bright lights of the city in the distance. I worked on it over the evening and scratched at the wax to reveal the pastel underneath in order to give the affect of coloured lights and fireworks. The tree in the foreground was barely lit by the lights from the area I was staying and this was drawn with a light grey wax crayon and some revealing of the pastel. Slight etching of the wax showed the area of bushes in front of the tree. This was fun to do, but I think the tree could have had more branches in silhouette instead of all the etching and more variation in the foreground, maybe using dark browns and a slight touch of green would gives more form and interest to the fields.

New Years Eve 2014

The picture below was drawn at sunset when I returned home after New Year, there were storm clouds in the distance and I loved the look of the dense clouds in the distant sky. It was drawn over two pages of my sketch book using chalk pastels.

sunse uni



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