Part 3, Project 2, Exercise 2 Sketchbook Walk

I was to do a walk in my local area and make 4 quick sketches without using a rubber, work rapidly but don’t erase mistakes just draw over them and incorporate them into the sketches.

I was to make written application were appropriate:

The time, weather conditions and direction light and shadow.

The main point of interest such as a building gate or group of trees.

The division of space into foreground, middle ground and background.

Pattern and textures, repetition of large and small shapes, tonal , tonal values etc. across the scene.

sketchbook walk 1025

Picture of Stocks at between 12 and 1pm. Sun was high, day sunny, so no really long shadows. Point of interest was the Stocks, which where in the foreground, mid ground were the large thick trees behind, then the lighter trees on the hill fall into the background position. There are a lot of dark shadows to the left side of objects but the were not in mass, the picture was dominated by rectangular shapes.


sketchbook walk 2026

Tree on a bank at a road junction between 12 and 1pm, no long shadows except for those seen on the bark of the tree, the day was sunny. Shapes were non-repetitive curving and angular. Point of interest is the tree,  the road and wall were mid, and the evergreen trees in the distance. Because of the size of the tree against the background there was no real horizontal division, but the tree sat vertically in the middle of the page.

sketchbook walk 3027

Hay and fields about 2pm back of the trees in shadow the sun coming from front left meaning all branches are in silhouette, the day was sunny. Various different types of shapes and mark, shadow was heavy on the objects. Main subject, tree and circular bale. These occupied the center front of the picture, due to the nature of the tree the mid, vertical line was the main focal point along with the bottom  and top third horizontally.

sketchbook walk 4028

Seat at road Junction 12 to 1pm shadow was evident behind the seat but because the whole area was in shadow there was no real shadow to work with. Heavier shadow appeared to the left of the subject and to the side  of the cobbles facing me. The main subject was the bench and the curved platforms,  which gave contrast of shape against the rectangular shape of the bench.

I was pleasantly surprised given the speed I drew these pictures that they came out looking relatively like they should. I failed though on tone and next time I would like to better this by using more shading.












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