Part 3, Project 2, Exercise 360° studies

For this Exercise I had to choose and expansive landscape where I had an open view in all directions. Start one drawing North using a viewfinder to find a focal point, and complete a 15 minute drawing, then turn to face West, South, and East to do the same. It was an expansive landscape to a point, but due to bad weather this winter I could not get high enough up the hill in the allotted time in order to get a clear view on all 4 sides. It has done nothing but rain for weeks so I grabbed what I could with the time and window of weather I had.


The above drawing was North and took me longer than 15 minuets as I could not get the extension correct. It was difficult as these houses were obscured by a hill and what we are seeing are the higher parts of the houses. It was sunny and about 2pm.

360-2030 Next I turned East there was a sheep in front of the scene with other sheep lower down the hill leading to a wooded area. The sheep’s head looks more like a cow, but I am not the best at quick sketching. One thing I was trying out on this exercise is a solid stick of graphite I used it for the highlights in the drawing and have decided to carry it around with me on field sketches as it worked well. I feel the lack of tone didn’t give depth to the picture, but it was a pleasing picturesque view which I enjoyed drawing.


This view was to the South and was a path leading up the hill. Unfortunately because of its incline it cut out a lot of the view but it had character.



This view is to the West doesn’t look extensive from this drawing and the trees at the back obscure any further view.

Although my views in a couple of the directions are not picturesque I can see that wherever you are, there will always be something different to draw if you change your position or viewpoint. I could, if not drawing landscapes have drawn several different pictures from that one position. I did a quick sketch of a sheep when I got home. I have been looking at various artists and liked the way their drawings were done with minimal colour with an impressionistic tonal background. Although I could do with some practice at achieving a more formed subject by subtle shade, experiment with application of media, and give an impression of surroundings, I really like the picture and want to experiment more. I used soft pastel for the background and wet it moving the pigments around to form and interesting look. Then I used graphite and coloured pencils to draw the sheep. The smooth paper of my sketchbook would not give more tone, so I will have to practice on other types of paper to see if I can achieve the look I am trying to get.


sheep 360033

Photos of area drawn.

360 pictures


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