Part 3, Project 2, Exercise 3 Research Point.

I have to Research some historic and contemporary artists who work in series with the landscape. I looked at Monet, Cezanne, David Hockney, Peter Doig, John Virtue and Nicholas Herbert, these were the suggested artists for this point. This research highlighted the previous learning’s that artists are often inspired by, and return to, the same areas time and time again, gaining inspiration from new view points and lighting situations in the process.

Monet (Impressionist)

He is the first artist on my list I think he is the most well known by me the most obvious his series of Water Lilies in oil , showing them in various lighting conditions, from his garden at Giverny. It is said some of these paintings were done whilst he had cataracts and this series of Water Lilies is said to number around 250 in total.

Cezanne (Post-Impressionism)

Mont Sainte-Victoire and the surrounding countryside are the subject of a series of Cezanne paintings which were depicted in Oil and Watercolour. His paintings were done throughout his life, from various positions and lighting situations. It was believed he saw the mountain when traveling through the region by train and thought it beautiful, after which he began the series of paintings depicting Mont Sainte-Victoire.

David Hockney

In later life Hockney has taken to painting a series of Landscapes in the Wolds an area he has known from a child and an area he has personal connections to. They are depicted in exaggerated colour, bright, almost cubist, pop art, having a varied application with blocks dashes and dots. He has works created with Oil, Watercolour and on his ipad. He has also been known to paint several canvases, and when put together they create one scene.

Peter Doig

He has painted a number of landscapes which are inspired by Trinidad and its lush vegetation, but I am fascinated by the series of paintings not totally landscape but of communal living accommodation know as  L’Unite d’Habitation depicted through trees and just visible, this series of paintings was inspired by his visit there. With one of the painting (Home In The Ravine)  my eyes concentrated on  the trees, then after awhile I saw the building. I thought at first the trees were abstracted but it has made me look further at the shapes between there twigs and I can see how he came about their placement.

John Virtue

Introduce to John Virtue by my tutor and at first glance thought I wouldnt like his work, I do. He has recently worked a series of Landscapes of London,  his painting style is abstract, but his application however abstract creates a picture, the tone and mark, rather like we put words together with missing letters, give enough information for our brain to see the scenery almost hidden within the mark. He works in black and white mixed media,  using Ink, Acrylic and shellac and enjoys painting the area where he is living at the time.

Nicholas Herbert

Who has produce a series of abstract drawing depicting the Chiltern Hills. The pictures have energy and have a weird likable pattern to their application, with a small glimpse of a recognisable landscape. He works in Mixed Media: coloured pencil, acrylic, soluble crayon and graphite. This series was drawn from his personal experience of the Landscape of the Chiltern Hills.


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