Drawing 1, Part 3, Project 3 Compostion, Research

For this I am to briefly research into the Golden Mean and Rule of Thirds, and if I have time some other less well known theories, how they’ve been applied, and start thinking about what works composition wise, what doesn’t and why.

I have done a little photography in the past and know about the rule of thirds, it is said if you position your subject along one of the imagined lines that run in thirds vertically and horizontally you will get a more balanced and pleasing picture. It does work with Landscape the skyline should sit on the top third or the bottom but not in the middle. This is not always the case as with most things there are times when following the pattern is not always the way to go.

The Golden Mean is said to have been pondered over for thousands of years, it is a point within a picture which is supposed to be the most visually pleasing area to place your subject of importance and meant to appear naturally in nature and have been used in architecture. It has a variety of other names some like Golden Section and Golden Ratio. There is a Mathematical ratio to find this point which is said to equal 1.618. A simple explanation can be seen here   https://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/golden-ratio.html

I think the easiest way of explaining this point without maths when using a rectangle, is look  at the small side of the rectangle and place an imaginary one of the same size within the rectangle at a point that makes a square, it is on this line you find the Golden Mean. Another method for those taxed like myself with the number crunching is to draw a line from corner to corner in your rectangle crossing in the middle. Then the midway point between the center and each corner is called the “eyes of the rectangle” and the best point to place your subject.

Having briefly looked at this subject I think there is an enormous amount of information on this subject and it cant be covered in full when briefly researching the subject. It has encouraged me to look further into this subject when I have the time to do so.




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