Part 3, Project 3, Composition, Research, Contemporary artists who work in series with Landscape

For this I had to research contemporary artists who work in series with landscape and a range of viewpoints, then compare their approaches with those of earlier artists. For example I was given Tacita Dean blackboard series and Seurat Landscape with houses. This could turn into a very lengthy piece as there are various comparisons that can be made so I decide to compare the work of Tacita Dean blackboard series, John Virtue London series, Georges Suerat :Landscape With Houses and Paul Cezanne Mont Sainte-Victoire  series .

Subject: They all do landscape Series.

Approach: Tacita Deans works from imagination,  John Virtue studies his landscape and works from his drawings,  Georges Suerat  from what I have seen has done at least some from his drawings, Paul Cezanne worked from direct observation.

Chosen picture base: Tacita Dean works on blackboard,  John Virtue Canvas, Suerat Paper, Cezanne Canvas.

Colour: Tacita Dean single colour white, John Virtue single colour black, Suerats landscape with houses single colour black, In later life Cezanne worked trying to depict his subjects in the most accurate colours available.

Media: Tacita Dean works with chalk, John Virtue acrylic, black ink and Shellac, Suerate Conte Crayon, Cezanne Oil.

Style: Tacita Dean not sure what style but imaginative realism, John Virtue abstract, Suerat Impressionist,    Cezanne Impressionist.


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