Visit to the Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester


It was a great day a the Museum, I went with another student and we spent several hours wandering around. I loved the water colour work of Joseph Mallord William Turner, the light captured in his pictures is amazing,  but one of my favorites pictures was one by Thomas Hearne called Castle Acre Priory, which I managed to sketch. Its not the most accurate as I only had a pencil, sketchbook and very little time but it is such an idealic scene.


One exhibit that I found interesting  was that of Tebor Reich textile designer.It was opportunity to see a journey of his work, looking at his photographs, through to him developing his patterns from both positive and negative prints and putting them onto material. In the main he was inspired by patterns in nature and went on to develop them in to some memorable patterns.



There wasn’t enough time to do an in depth study of a particular work as the museum was changing exhibitions and there was a lot of people milling around the few available, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I came out with some very beautiful cards for my sketchbook. One of a painting by Albrecht Durer, St Eustace. I didnt get to see any of his work sadly it would have made my day as he is one of my favourite artists.



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