Part 3, Project 4, Exercise 2 Angular perspective

For this I had to draw a building corner-on and I had to draw the receding lines as accurately as possible with two point perspective, using vertical or horizontal reference to ensure the receding lines are drawn at the correct angles. I then had to draw in receding lines to my determined eye level. My subject is an old cattle barn from a field nearby. I found this particularly hard exercise, as  when I added my perspective lines I found there was a need to alter my drawing a couple of times, in order to get it as accurate as possible. My receding lines went way of the paper so I had to plot them carefully.

One thing I learned from this exercise is that the end drawing is not just about lines meeting eye level, it does well to remember, your subject has to look like the object you are drawing. I got way too bogged down with lines and angles.

I think this is really a case of practice makes perfect and will spend some time along the way practicing perspective as often as possible. As with my previous drawing, perspective lines are green, eye level is red.

sketch building 3054


My next part to this exercise, was to look at a drawing by  Sir Muirhead Bone, and  draw a simplified version in my sketch book to check the accuracy of the drawing. I started by placing the receding lines on the picture given as reference, I then drew a simplified version in my sketchbook using the lines and eye level I had found from studying the drawing. I must say the buildings perspectives seemed to be very accurate. One problem I had was drawing in an accurate eye line, was knowing where the Sir Muirhead Bone had drawn it from. For this reason I plotted the perspective lines first, as I had an idea where they were, and found they all met in a specific point which allowed me to plot the eye line more accurately. I enjoyed doing this as it was a good exercise to help with my visual recognition,  as the buildings had various linear points of perspective withing their architecture. As before on my own drawing eye level is red and the perspective lines green. On my printed sheet I kept all lines in pencil.

sketch building 2053




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