Part 3, Project 5, Exercise 1, Sketchbook of townscape drawings

townscape door 15320161
Developed with pen work and a colour wash .


For this exercise I was to sketch and make, notes focus on one particular building, for example a corner and notice how the other buildings support your main focus.

Make written notes about my sense of the place and appearance . Take note of eye level for the horizon line. Make a detailed study with a 3b pencil in a 10cm square, showing a section of the building. Draw a second 10cm square,tonal study show in how the light falls across the building.

Make notes about light, its direction,  its strength and  the shadows. Note atmosphere people, use of the buildings. Make quick sketches of the buildings to decide on the most interesting view. Draw the main shapes in pencil before committing to colour. Be selective and draw you own unique view of your chose place. Giving a sense of the actual location.

I chose some old mill buildings, and did some quick sketches on site following up with perspective and detail at home. I chose a row of buildings all adjoining, the small drawing with trees was a little room  attached on the end, I think this was the pump house, it is no longer in use and a tree is taking over is broken exterior. I was interested in this building and thought it would be the one I took further, I liked the angle and did a detailed sketch, making notes of the shade from the surrounding trees and the light which fell on the short wall.  I added the side clear of debris but infact there was rubbish along the shorter side obscuring the wall. Oddly I felt the tree  obscured what I wanted to show not so much the rubbish.The mill is in slow decline, unloved and mistreated. It is an interesting site and although used  by various companies it is decaying, with little money spent on its upkeep, it is  alive, but looking tired and unloved. I wanted to show this and felt the little door in the side of the building I past on my way to the pump house, did just that.  I tried various sketches and made notes beside one of the drawings. Unfortunately there wasn’t much light contrast, even thought is was sunny and around 1.45. This part of the site was in shadow thrown across from surrounding buildings. There were not many people at the site, but a number of cars which were to be worked on, and I had to negotiate this to draw the little building.  It was the last of my sketches I developed  further by adding a colour wash and pen work. I tried a light wash but it didn’t work, so I added more layers which gave a more dramatic effect and worked well with the old brickwork and the low contrast. My pen work was too thick, making marks that were too heavy, so in future if I was to do pen and wash I would need a finer nib. I would also be interested in doing further studies in charcoal with and without a brown tint. Once again I learned that sometimes what we think will work well, doesn’t and it pays to do various sketches and not attack a subject with a closed mind. Also that even the most unattractive of subjects can produce a pleasant drawing.

townscape sketches

building photos



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