Project 5, Townscapes, Research Point

For this research I had to look at John Virtues work and other artists working with Urban landscapes who give me inspiration.

I have looked at John Virtue a few times now and surprisingly really like his work. When I first looked I didn’t really see and felt it was abstract art in black and white. It isn’t his work is incredibly clever, his use of tone and mark are amazing, they look random in application, but watching him work he places them with great thought. I have tried to emulate him and it isn’t easy.  He applys his paint with brushes, rags, and spray. His London series are large paintings which have followed many sketches of the area. Each time I study them I see something different. His work is full of movement and life and even though I wasn’t as keen on his wave series, as I thought they lacked the content of his Land and Townscapes, they too have an energy which is inspiring.

There are several artists that inspire me but for this exercise I chose 2, one Edward Wesson. I love his line and wash work, which is full of movement. His expert use of media give life to his pictures, but the main reason I picked him out, was his use of mark making within his painting, they add contrast and tone to compliment his delicate colour washes. I noticed within some of his paintings the main subject is placed within the Golden Mean. I don’t know if it a natural positioning of his subject or a planned positioning, and I couldn’t for the purpose of this exercise find the answer. I like his clarity within the Mean, then softening across the picture to just an impression.

Churches InThe Strand

My second artist is called  George Butler a war illustrator and artist. His drawings are produced in situ and are a snapshot of a moment. Its odd I have chosen another pen and wash artist, as it is not a media I have used. I find him inspiring due to his fantastic ability to draw on site capturing the moment. I know how skillful this is and don’t have the ability to draw this way. If I was to walk around with a drawing board and a cup of water balanced on its top, it would end up a soggy mess. His drawings are full of movement and of the moment. A snapshot in time. I personally didn’t find them as moving as other war artists work, but there is a quality and clarity about them which makes the viewers eye search the detail knowing this was someones past.  I love his little Marrakesh Market scenes.









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