Part 3, Project 5, Exercise 4 Statues

war horse statue done
Drawing of statue of the War Horse Warrior on the Isle of Wight
Wicker statue of a rabbit and eggs
Statue of a soldier.
mary statue
Marys statue from a local church


This exercise was about looking at statues to hone my drawing skills. Decide what interests me and try to make them interesting. My first statue of the war horse Warrior was drawn from a photograph I took a few years ago on the Isle of Wight. I photographed it with the intention of drawing it one day. I used oil pastels which were difficult to get the fine details I like the metallic affect though.

The wicker statue of the Rabbit was a statue put up in the local town around Easter I wasn’t sure what media to use but found pen worked well. I didnt try to draw the wicker accurately just the impression. I must admit to this being my favourite drawing. It was quickly don’t, even the dot affect, I feel it shows a progress in my work as I can see from all the statues I am moving away from my rigid approach to art which was evident in Part 2.

The soldier is a quick pencil drawing it looks a little untidy, I still need to get greater control at speed. I think I also need to look at drawing faces better!

For Mary I used charcoal and because she was white I placed her on a imaginary background, she was actually high up on a dark church wall. I added the rays to give a spiritual feeling to the piece, but am not sure it was really suited I may of been better leaving it dark. Mary herself was largely drawn using an eraser. I produced the lights and the tones using a rubber and removing various degrees of charcoal. Again I think I need to practice faces as she doesn’t have that gentle look you associate with religious figures.


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