Part 4, The figure and face, Research point.

The human figure clothed or not is arguable the most common subject throughout art history and view different depictions of other people and myself can be among other things sensual, amusing, disconcerting. Without intending to we might see ourselves in some of these images, our reactions and emotions working in the space between viewer and image. As I work through this part of the course I have to jot down my thoughts on this. Look at the reading list and study contemporary as well as historic figure drawings for inspiration.

I don’t think I am really that fond of the naked human body as a sexual art form, I understand the need to study the body but I find it can be portrayed with elegance. The most beautiful drawings of the human form I have seen are the delicate silverpoint drawings, not only by the old masters but also contemporary artists, the delicate media seems to give a romance to the drawings.

Due to circumstances I can’t sign up to life drawing classes one being  the time of year meaning  the classes are ending and also I work at the time they are being held, so I will have to be inventive and persuasive for this part. I found an online source and was able to life draw from the models of the New Masters Academy, which worked well, they have various timed sessions which you can hone your skills on, I did most from the 1 and 2 min versions.

After working through part 4, I could see from the art I researched, the emotions and actions of those portrayed that we all share. I have to admire the techniques of artists and their ability to show emotion with mark and expression. Figure study has never really entered my art in any shape or form, however I can see why it is an important skill to gain. There is no forgiveness in the drawing of humans, they have to be accurate in their portrayal and everyone is unique.

I have looked at loads of artists, in fact there have been that many I have started to collate them all in my sketchbook, which is an ongoing exercise due to PC problems. I have come away from part 4, with a whole new list of artists I admire. I like the nudes of Degar who are painted doing everyday tasks, which I am sure we can all associate ourselves with. Mark Adlingtons almost faceless nudes show an artistic depiction, and seem to portray the insecurities I have and I am sure most of us have, about our own bodies. Jenny Saville with her distortion and extreme foreshortening, although grotesque, shows the humour and revoltion I feel about parts of my body. Then there are the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci which allow us to see his interest in how the body ticks, having been an animal nurse at one time I can understand his inquisitiveness. Finally Guy Denning shows powerful emotions with his figure drawings, they are palpable. I have recently lost my father and went through a roller coaster of very strong emotions afterwards, I don’t like looking at these drawings but have total admiration for his artwork.

These are just a handful of artist I have researched and felt some emotional likeness to along the way. Part 4 has been a very interesting journey.




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