Part 4, Project 1, Exercise 2 Emphasising form with cloth


folds1            folds 2


For this exercise I had to sketch a seated figure wearing a plain and pale coloured shawl, baggy jumper or soft dressing gown. I had to use light marks sketch the overall shape of the seated figure, remembering to fit it interestingly withing the borders of the support. I am not sure I managed that. However I think I managed to disregard detail an concentrate on drawing the body and fabric. I actually enjoyed this doing this drawing, I didnt think I would as drawing people is something I have never really concentrated on.

As it happened I couldn’t find a plain pale shawl, so I had to go with a beach wrap and ignore the pattern. My model sat patiently whilst I drew, but the first drawing was almost head on and really didnt look right the model was incorrectly positioned on the chair and looked awkward. The light was bad in my cottage and it didnt highlight the light and darks as I wanted, but I think I managed to capture the folds and contours of the material and shape of the model so I was glad that part went well. The second drawing is better, I drew my model for the side and although the light was still very flat even with a daylight bulb, it was far more accurate.

If I was to do it again I would try a draw in daylight to get the tone better, unfortunately my personal life dictated evening was the only time I could draw on this occasion.

Both drawings were drawn with a 2B Graphite pencil.



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