Part 4, Project 2, Exercise 1 Quick Studies

I had to draw a model in a comfortable position, start by doing five 2minute sketches of the model using basic lines that describe the figure. I then had to follow that up with two 10 minute drawings follow that up with more using different media.

The above are the preliminary 2 minute drawings done.

The above drawings are  10 minute sketches in Graphite, Coloured Pencil, Wax,

Pen, and Graphite Stick.

15 min charcoal

I did a final drawing of 15 minutes in Charcoal.

Overall there was very little time to get proportions they have to be done by eye. After the first couple of sketches I realised that I could cut the body into thirds. From the shoulders to waist, waist to knee and knee to feet. I found it did concentrate your mind and at the end of the exercise I drew a final drawing in 15 minuets. Amazingly it was much better than I expected, it even looked like my model, which surprised me. I felt less wrapped up in the aesthetics and concentrated more on freedom of my line and getting the mind to recognise shapes within the subject. The one thing I did have problems with is my model had trouble sitting still and her position changed, overall though I am guessing this adds to gaining the skill of putting down a subject as quickly and accurately as possible within a limited time scale. This can be a problem when sketching in the field. I would benefit from more sketching like this to free up and concentrate where I place my mark as at times I can lack fluency.


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