Part 4, Project 2, Exercise 2, A longer study

model 1139


For this Exercise I was to find a pose my model was comfortable with and they could hold for an hour. Draw small marks onto the sheet of paper indicating the outermost points of the figure. This is to give me confidence that I get the proportions correct. I would like to put a cough in there as, I would not use the word confidence. it helped but I still feel I am a mile away from feeling comfortable with drawing people accurately. I dont want the posed picture so I asked my model to sit relaxed and just chill out. I think she did me proud especially as this is not her day job, and although not strictly a teenager now gave me the look I was after.

I think the I managed the characteristic of the pose well, and although the models weight looked correct, I feel my proportions are still not accurate, the arms a legs are slightly out of proportion.  I  think I need to practice more drawings of people at speed,  I work relatively slowly and would have got things accurate with time, but if I was to take too much time I would fall behind.



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