Gallery visits in Cornwall

Cornwall is a wonderful place for art. There seemed to be a Gallery on every corner, the light, sea and scenery are unmatched. I have lost my heart to its rugged coastline and countryside. I didn’t really analyse most of the work, I just enjoyed it. I was on holiday and had a dog in tow which made studying and drawing work difficult, however it was inspiring, exciting and well worthwhile.


One Gallery I visited was Falmouth Art Gallery, and too my surprise they have work by Joseph Mallard William Turner, punctuated by various artists some of whom are local. There is a great mix of work and styles. It was impressive and well worth a visit.


These are a wonderful place to visit, a great mix of art and crafts, and there was a number of sketchbooks on show. These were really interesting to thumb through to see the style of work and the preliminary sketches that led to the final work which is vary varied and should suit all artistic tastes.


There were way too many to visit all the galleries in St Ives, but within these workshops I found an artist called Hani Mroz, I like the action she manages to capture within her work. There is a wildness about her brushstrokes





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