Part 4, Project 3, Exercise 1 Basic Shapes


For this I had to arrange my model at a slight angle in a chair for an hour or so, consider the angle of the central axis that runs through the seated figure. Notice twist or bends and block in basic shapes. Look carefully at which planes of the body are receding and which planes of lines are parallel to the edge of my picture plane. This is to help establish the bulk of the drawn figure in relation to the space around it. The model had to be drawn from several positions remembering to measureĀ  with each pose. I was to Identify the possibility of foreshortening and make written notes.

For some reason I didn’t do this one well. I have begun timing my drawing. and these were all done withing 10mins except for the boys which I did from an old video. I freeze framed this and took 12 mins. I did this as my model was short of time and had a bad case of the fidgets. I think to a point that is why I had difficulty and proportions were not correct, the more straight on views had some foreshortening in the thighs, on one side view there was a little in the far foot, but to be honest an hour for 5 or 6 drawings is still fast for me. I feel a little like a driver who has got his L plates and is just starting to go solo. Not because of my drawing inability, but my inability to draw at speed under pressure. The picture I drew in Charcoal of two children, was far more accurate than the ones I did of my model. Having said that they did sit still within the frame and that might be the reason. I re did the front position drawing a second time as this looked more like my model was getting up out of the chair. I used a line almost stick like and then fleshed out the shapes, this worked better. I still think I am not blocking in shapes as well as I should. All in all I think I need much more practice at the human figure, especially foreshortening and front view figures, which could probably look better from a different view maybe lowering my viewpoint and foreshortening the thighs a little.


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