Part 4, Project 3, Exercise 2, Essential elemants


This time I was to draw a sequence of six different poses lasting ten minutes each

Adjust the light so that it hits just one side of the model, to emphasise the three dimensional form. Take time to look at the model and identify the darkest and lightest areas. Remember the basic shapes and begin to shade in the darkest tones.Build up the different tonal values with loose hatching and or broad sweeps of dark tone. Leave the white paper without marks for the lightest tones.

I was to draw the whole figure but nor worry about the detail.

First of all it was a lot to ask of someone as slow as myself, as it happens I dont think I did to badly. My model was unavailable so I used a site called New Masters Academy. They do times sessions of live models. I chose six different ones all showed movement, and gesture from the central axis, except from my downward lying lady. I actually surprised myself with this, maybe it was because they were still also they hadnt got clothing to distort the shapes. For me I think this is a personal best as I did get closer to the correct proportions. My shading was relatively accurate, I used a water soluble pencil for all sketches using line and hatching, then with a water brush I laid over a wash to grade the shading. If I was to do them again I would try ink and wash but I wasnt confident going into this Exercise so played safe. I think I managed to show movement within my drawings, maybe the were not as detailed as I could have drawn but all in all I think I didnt do too bad.










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