Part 4, Project 4, Research Point

For this I was to look for historic and contemporary artists whose work involves the underlying struture of the body.

I found two historic and 2 contemporary although 1 I found through a brilliant digital image of a head and skull. It was beautifully done.

First and foremost there is obviously Leonardo Da Vinci he went beyond the anatomical study made by artists who were trying to perfect a more lifelike portrayal of the human form. He entered the realm of scientific drawings of anatomy. His understanding of the way the human body worked are still admired today. His drawings are accurate and beautiful, documenting his scientific study into the workings of the human body. I feel this short paragraph doesnt do justice what is known about Leonardo Da Vinci, but this research is not about the depth of knowledge of one man, but to look at artists work on anatomical drawing.

Gerard De Lairesse was a Dutch painter, his anatomical paintings were used for anatomical illustration, but there are drawings that go far beyond just medical illustration. We can see from the link I have added,  anatomical drawings which contain a more normal everyday object like a book, or clothes, this for me drew my attention away from the gorey vision of the body, making me look at the art and not feel the horror of seeing a humans flesh stripped from the body.

My next artist is someone called Laura Ferguson a lady whos passion for drawing the inner human was born from her life long medical problem of curvature of the spine . I find these pictures more emotional, I am not sure whether its the method of portrayal or the fact you can albut feel the passion and the personal connection with her pieces of art.

My last artist is also a designer and photographer called Scott Eaton, whos is a digital artist and  focus is on anatomy, form and motion of the human. I was drawn to his digital image of a skull when researching the topic of anatomical  drawing. I had never heard of him, nor did I know the skull I was looking at was a digital sculpture. However I found it remarkable work. He website contains amazing anatomical drawings and his series of the body in motion photographs, are an interesting reference to the moving body. As a digital artist his field of work  may not strictly be of the type of art I was looking for, but his beautiful drawings of anatomy are part of his process and can be seen on his website.


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