Research Point compare Richard Hambletons brushstrokes, with David Haines New Balance Sneakers vs KFC Bucket.

They show totally different ways of how you can portray movement and energy. Richard Hambletons work has a vibrance and energy show by his mark making, there is no defined subject but a silhouette of the figure in action with various marks surrounding them. It feels like the subject has been covered in ink and as they rapidly move, bits of ink fly off indicating  their movement and speed.

David Haines on the other hand depicts movement and speed not with his mark making which is incredibly precise, detailed and smooth, but within the portrayal of his subject which is drawn in the act of movement. These two artists, are at the opposite side of the coin with their approach making the viewer see movement. One shows movement with the position and mark of his figure leading the mind into visualise the action, the other with an photorealism showing the viewer the exact act of movement.


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