Part 4, Project 5, Exercise 1 Single moving figure

For this Exercise I have been asked to draw the moving figure in my sketchbook, a page a day. I have been asked how well I have done. Well ….this was not easy, however I did a number of sketches of single figures which spilled into the groups exercise. What I have done is choose a selection of some of the sketches as there was too many to put on my blog. I have picked the ones that held emotion and memory, I had no difficulty in looking for quality, as I am sure it can be seen I need practice. This exercise was attempted earlier than most of the exercises already posted before it and I think I can now see my work has improved since these they were done.

To be fair figures are not my thing and I found this incredibly hard, no sooner did I start the drawing, the person had moved on. Proportion went out the window in a lot of cases, as to begin with the speed I had to draw actually scared me. Now I may still be gaining the skill but I enjoy it and will continue drawing the moving figure. It certainly makes you learn and quick.  There was no second guessing if I didn’t get the line  down whilst it was happening I finished the drawing, this means there are several part people. I wanted to leave it like this, as it becomes more of a challenge and means I will try to get better, pride hurts, but it does make you want to improve.


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