Part 4, Project 5, Exercise 2 Groups of figures


For this exercise I had to people watch human movement and interaction.  I had to observe different kinds of people how they stand, interact what they carry, etc I had to do a few small and quick sketches on the spot or take a few discreet photos and try to keep the atmosphere of the scene in my memory until I got home, trying to recapture the movement, drama, noise etc in your sketches.

I actually did all my sketches on site as I was on holiday at the time. I followed the same method as with exercise one. The first sketches were  on a crowded beach, people were moving and although it wasn’t strictly drawn an interactive group, it was much to large and busy, it was a group of people enjoying the pleasures of the beach in their individual manner. Drawing 2 was a group of people wandering around a shopping area. Drawing 3, band members on a break enjoying conversation and a cup of tea they seem to have the figits though and I couldn’t get them finished. Drawing 4 were people waiting for a boat at the quay, there was no form of queue just a slowing wandering group of people enjoying the view of passing boats, a small dingy can be seen in the top right of the sketches. This and Drawing 5 are not strictly the group as described but they were in the area at the same time, so they even though they may of been drawn as a single figures, they were together in the same area at the same time. They too were far too mobile and too great in number to capture in the moment. Drawing 5 were pleasure golfers, families couples etc all using the same golf course but drawn as individuals in no particular order. Drawing 6 and yes more playing golf, you would think I was a golf fanatic, but actually I don’t play, I just like sipping coffee. This was a family group who seemed to take their swing more serious and I had a little more time to draw them. The shading was done after the drawings so not strictly completed at the time

I know only 3 drawings were actually drawn as an interactive group, but I felt they the other 3 were good examples of an interactive group of people caught in their moment. In picture 5 the little cat had gone around visiting all the golfers in turn so I included it within the picture as it formed part of the atmosphere.

This exercise asked how successful was I in my attempts to retain an image of a scene to draw later, as I followed the first option of this exercise and did all my drawings on site I can’t answer that, however I will try this option of the exercise at a later date.

As with exercise 1 I feel I need a lot more practice with figure drawing at speed. Surprisingly I have enjoyed it, I think because it is a challenge and I found it difficult. Equally I can’t help feeling embarrassed at my inaccurate drawings. Its a must do better for me I think, having said that I think I managed to show movement atmosphere and interaction within the sketches.


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