Part 4, Project 6, Exercise 3, Portrait from memory or the imagination



For this exercise I was to use my imagination and the skill I have learned to draw someone I had seen momentarily – or not at all. This exercise should prompt the question, what is a portrait? Should it show something more about the person than mere physical characteristics and if so what? I was asked how difficult it was to create a portrait of someone from a chance meeting or completely form the imagination.

For me it is difficult, though the portrait of the little boy above came to mind because of pictures of starving children I had seen and been horrified by.They looked like large dead eyed skeletons. This stuck in my mind. I think without all the practice I have done on faces I would not have managed this at all, and I certainly dont think at the moment I could do a portrait from memory. Maybe I would be able to do some of the  features of the person, and possibly be able to get the features in the correct place, but the character no. This is individual and where we all share similarities, we have features which are our own. I can understand why the old master worked on statues before individual people, there is no forgiveness in the execution because we need to capture the personal traits and character of each individual which makes them look like who they are.




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