Part 4, Project 6 The Face research

This research was to look at contemporary as well as historic artists who work on the face in different ways.  Use my research to inspire my own experiments. Look at the reading lists well as other sources and make notes on what I find in my learning log.

I was to look at the two different approaches of Graham Little and Elizabeth Peytons image Daniel who both used colour to draw the face in a painterly manner and make notes of what I found in my learning log.

I think  the similarity of Graham Little and Elizabeth Peytons  approach to the depiction of the face stops at the painterly colour and the fact both artist do use paint. Elizabeth Peytons David was actually painted with watercolour and synthetic polymer paint. However the paint was used more like the blocking of colour when using pastels. On the other hand Graham Little who uses Goache with coloured pencils, has a much finer technique giving an almost porcelain look to his figures the feature finely depicted rather like using oil.

I was asked to look at other artists who work on the face and I looked at many, too many for this Research. The face has been depicted in many medias and methods over the years, from abstract to photo realism, monotone, to full colour, and from detailed to loose in style. The artists I looked at mainly held my interest because they are a style I appreciate, or would like to emulate.

From the historic artists,  I chose two artist of the many I like, that have enough difference to be of interest:-

Leonardo Da Vinci:-

I have used him before and he is one of my all time heros, I love his detailed drawings, both delicate, full of detail, each mark placed is there for a reason, nothing more nothing less. I have a tendency to overwork and appreciate this style of detail and suggestion.

Edgar Degas

Again we have detail within the drawings but the studies seem to be less technical and more loose in fashion. This doesnt take away the beauty or the skill involved in depicting his subject. I really like Degas and can see why he wanted to be known as a realist, his paintings are real, from real life with enough detail to be removed from impressionism.‘Music-Hall-Singers’.html

For my contemporary choice, I went with three very different artists, two are well known but maybe not seen as politically correct in my choice, however I thing they both show a very different way of working.

Guy Denning

His works are lively and varied in mark width length and application, using Conte and Pastel in a loose but detailed way. His drawings make me feel like they are made with speed and great passion, they shout the emotion he is trying to portray. His found surfaces give a completion to his pictures in a way I find difficult to emulate.

Paul Hedley

I love his work, especially his mixed media work. His style is real but loose. His  work is delicately made with detail very much suggested. The mood although not deployed in the energized way of  Guy Denning, is palpable. The gentler sexes face portrayed in a romantic and dreamy manner, with the softness of watercolour, the detail helped along by his use of mark and line. He gives me the feeling the painted are waiting in anticipation of the return of a love one, or the memory of a lost love. There is much less aggression with his application of his media, but nevertheless you can feel what his subjects are feeling.

Andre Kohn

I wanted to add Andre Kohn as his drawings are tonal and linear, expressive and gentle. He has a very mixed approach with his mark application but his drawings possess expression, without aggression. His paintings to me feel different from his drawings, but he seems to draw with paint, detail being hinted at, tone giving a suggestion of, texture giving life. His work to me covers various ways in which to depict his subjects faces.



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