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Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

This was a great Craft Fair and although artwork as in paintings were not a big part of the show, artwork figured hugely.   Sally Streuli took my eye with her beautifully delicate artwork on her ceramics and Mandy Clevland with her Fine Artwork on brown envelopes. Then there was Angharad Gwynant & Lizzie Atherton who met at University and started a business called Pioden Prints these had superb design work on a variety of objects. Although this was not a show for Fine Art, it was a wonderful day out and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the different forms of art.

I even managed a quick sketch of the queue waiting for their refreshments.

Visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I decided to go for another visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and was glad I had the sculptures by Kaws were amazing. They were giant sculptures of cartoon characters, like giant mice, in fact the heads were skull and crossbones, they eyes crosses, but they were cuddly looking and a reminder of when I was young and the big floppy stuffed toys.



I also had a look at the Angie Lewins work I love her prints, having studied floral art I find the designs are expertly done, really pretty. The colours she uses work well and although not the same sort of work I have done I really appreciate the beauty in her work.


It was crowded and I had a Migraine so sketching the artwork wasn’t easy, in the end I made a few sketches of the people eating lunch outside the cafe and a Tree in the car park I used a graphite stick. Not something I would normally use but I was surprised by the versatility when using it.

Gallery visits in Cornwall

Cornwall is a wonderful place for art. There seemed to be a Gallery on every corner, the light, sea and scenery are unmatched. I have lost my heart to its rugged coastline and countryside. I didn’t really analyse most of the work, I just enjoyed it. I was on holiday and had a dog in tow which made studying and drawing work difficult, however it was inspiring, exciting and well worthwhile.


One Gallery I visited was Falmouth Art Gallery, and too my surprise they have work by Joseph Mallard William Turner, punctuated by various artists some of whom are local. There is a great mix of work and styles. It was impressive and well worth a visit.


These are a wonderful place to visit, a great mix of art and crafts, and there was a number of sketchbooks on show. These were really interesting to thumb through to see the style of work and the preliminary sketches that led to the final work which is vary varied and should suit all artistic tastes.


There were way too many to visit all the galleries in St Ives, but within these workshops I found an artist called Hani Mroz, I like the action she manages to capture within her work. There is a wildness about her brushstrokes




Visit to the Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester


It was a great day a the Museum, I went with another student and we spent several hours wandering around. I loved the water colour work of Joseph Mallord William Turner, the light captured in his pictures is amazing,  but one of my favorites pictures was one by Thomas Hearne called Castle Acre Priory, which I managed to sketch. Its not the most accurate as I only had a pencil, sketchbook and very little time but it is such an idealic scene.


One exhibit that I found interesting  was that of Tebor Reich textile designer.It was opportunity to see a journey of his work, looking at his photographs, through to him developing his patterns from both positive and negative prints and putting them onto material. In the main he was inspired by patterns in nature and went on to develop them in to some memorable patterns.



There wasn’t enough time to do an in depth study of a particular work as the museum was changing exhibitions and there was a lot of people milling around the few available, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I came out with some very beautiful cards for my sketchbook. One of a painting by Albrecht Durer, St Eustace. I didnt get to see any of his work sadly it would have made my day as he is one of my favourite artists.


Gallery Visits whilst on the Isle of Wight July

I went to visit two Galleries whilst visiting the Isle of Wight.  Robert Scott Marine Artist Studio on the Quay a small gallery position on the waterfront. As you would expect his painting are of boats and the sea. He was painting whilst we were there and worked from observation at the scene and photographs for accuracy. The paintings  I liked the most were two which were expressive giving the viewer not just a picture but stirring the emotions, sadly the gallery was too small and other people were present so I was unable to sketch anything.

The other gallery I visited was Yarmouth Art Gallery another small gallery pack with various modes of art. This too was small, but well worth a visit,  I got very distracted by the Greeting Card section as the cards we beautifully made and I love designing my own.!__the-art/sculpture

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Visit

Had a great day at the Sculpture Park, I went initially to see the Poppy Wave, of ceramic poppies created by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper. It was extremely beautiful, but I was expecting the display to be larger, which was a little disappointing.  Wave was just part of the sculpture which consisted of Ceramic Poppy heads suspended on long stalks. The effect was developed over a period of time each Poppy planted by volunteers in memory of soldiers dying in the first world war.

There were other sculptures to be seen Sophie Ryders’ sitting was one I liked, even though it seem disjointed where the front was joined to the back it had an appeal about it. It was made from wire which added to the artistry of the whole piece, the statue was of a  woman’s shapely body with a a Hares head, there was something mystical about it.

I also really love the Iron Tree outside the Chapel, the rusty look to its branches glowed in the evening sun, but rather than stand out from it environment, it looked like it belonged and was part of a natural decaying process.

The Chapel was a port of call but I didn’t really take much notice of the art, I was disappointing because it was a beautiful building an artwork of its own right, and felt it  should have be the center of attention.





Visit To Hepplestone Fine Art

Nice time spent at Hepplestone Fine Art, where I came across a Still Life Artist Javier Mulio. His work is fantastic his still life photorealistic, the negative space being painted in neutral tones. It was interesting how there was no distractive colours or the need for a line  where horizontal and vertical met, the subject anchor point was all done with light and shade.

I also found a Lowry print – Two Brothers, not one of my favourites but I was thrilled to see it in all its glory.

Javier Mulio

L S Lowry.