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Ladybird Sketch in Derwent Watersoluble Graphite.

Trying out my  Derwent Watersoluble Graphite pencils, they are a little like working with a pencil that is a cross between Graphite and Charcoal. I didnt use any water in drawing this Ladybird.lady b f_edited-1

Watercolour Sketch using Windsor and Newton Watercolours.

Due to a bereavement,  I have not been able to do much work, however this was a quick painting done whilst absent. It is a picture of my father working and was painted using Windsor and Newton Watercolour, on Fabrino Watercolour paper around 3 inches by 4inches in size. dad working_edited-1

A couple of Quick Drawings.

One is a  very quick still life of a Wooden Cat it was done in very old Conte Oil Pastels I found and wanted to try out again. I havent used them in about 15 years. Wow their colour is still strong.

The second (cough) Una Stubbs she too  was a speed sketch drawn in an hour from Charcoal and Graphite. I didnt quite finish it in the time I had which was 60 minutes and is not one of my best sketches, but it does have a look of Una and  I have to be honest I didnt think in that time I would manage anything that had a  resemblance, so I was pleased. It was a quick drawing competition to win  Derwent pencils, needless to say I didnt win, but it was good practice as I have never really done Portraits of humans, only animals and certainly not at speed.

My reason behind these quick sketches is to try and get better perspective at speed, something I am not good at.

wooden cat for col_edited-1 una

Sketchbook – learning about Charcoal

Since starting OCA I have used Charcoal not a Media I have used before, I thought it was messy and monotone. To my surprise no it isn’t, so I practiced a little in my Sketchbook learning how to shade by drawing this clog. I used a thick stick of Charcoal for this drawing, which made it difficult to get very fine detail, but have promised myself some wood encased Charcoal pencils to see what they are like to use.  I added the picture my log  as I felt it was part of my learning process.

clog sketchbook